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Playstation Classic is a painful nostalgia in a nice package | MovieZine

Sony releases a mini version of its first slot machine and is unfortunately not as nice on the inside as on the outside.

After the success of the Nintendo bracket with both the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini, Sony naturally also wanted to jump to nostalgia by publishing their own mini version of their very first game console. The result is Playstation Classic and unfortunately it is not nearly as fun to play as Nintendo's variants. But let's start with the positive.

The design on the console itself is great! I loved the gray futurism of Playstation when it was released in the mid 90's and, purely outwardly, I have to say that the game machine really has stood the test of time. Moreover, having two hand controls in the package is also a big plus, since the multiplayer games "Tekken 3" and "Destruction Derby" are two of the favorites you can find in Playstation Classic. For the somewhat high price of 1500 kronor it would be strange for you not have two hand controls.

The only sad thing about the hardware is that the controls have too short cables – only 1.4 m long – making it difficult to play if you have removed the television far from the couch. Although USB extensions can be solved, but just like Nintendo's mini consoles, it is strange that the original charger is no longer the same (it would be best to make the controls wireless?). The point is to be able to connect the entire HDMI to HDMI and enjoy some nice nostalgia directly on your modern screen, but since 55 inch televisions (or even larger) have become standard in recent years, it is not optimal to use 1 , Sit 5 meters away and play.

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Where are the classics?

In addition to the cable problem, I also have to say that Sony is a priority in terms of the game itself. I and many other old Playstation nostalgic people had hoped for classic titles like "Tomb Raider", "Silent Hill" and "Tony Hawk & # 39; s Pro Skater 2", but they were not allowed to participate. Instead, many of the games are actually so obscure that I have not tested them before. I mean, who wants "Mr. Driller" instead of Lara Croft's double-pistol debut? Some have also complained that Playstation Classic does not contain a "Crash Bandicoot", but given that a ring key of the entire trilogy was released last year, I personally do not see the problem of this external priority.

Despite the semi-timed game library, there are still some real nostalgic titles among the 20 titles that are included. "Resident Evil" and the very first "Grand Theft Auto" belong to children's favorites (which you certainly should not have played so little), but when they show their outdated polygons with Playstation Classic, it is unfortunately a tragedy for the eye. On a modern HDTV the result is blurry mourning, which is not as fun as 20 years ago. Although it gives some nostalgia to sneak around like the Snake Snake in Metal Gear Solid, it suddenly becomes clear why both the NES and the SNES Classic Mini have received warmer reception from players around the world.

Nintendo retromachines offer us timeless 2D classics that are fun to play today, as both graphics and playability age with dignity. It is still just as nice to have a mushroom in the "Super Mario Bros." to get. as it was in the 80s, while "Resident Evil" is the most out of sight with its rotten 3D polygons and also has the world's toughest control. Despite the fact that Playstation was a revolutionary machine when it was first launched, the games were not matured in the same wine-like fashion as the titles of Nintendo's first two stationary consoles.

Playstation Classic is perhaps a very nice copy of the original purely formatted format, but once you start and play, it will never be able to copy the love you felt for the machine if you enjoyed the 90s. No, the primitive 3D games make the best of staying fun memories of your gamer heart instead.

Playstation Classic

released: 3 December 2018 (24 years after the release of the original)

price: 1490 kronor

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