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Poison Sundsvall in a new economic crisis

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During the 2017 season, Gif Sundsvall was in a difficult financial situation and the elite license was threatened. Then the supporters of the Swish campaign for Gif started and sponsors saved the club. So now the situation is again critical.

– I took over a budget that showed plus 188,000, and after a brief assessment you can see that we have supported 11 million in the last two years and now the result is minus 7.4, so it is clear that someone feels cheated. It's not just me, but the organization, employees and the board feel cheated, says chairman Hans Selling to Sundsvalls Tidning.

The minus result is of 7.4 million, there are also five million budgeted player sales.

– It's really a crisis. We ensure that we pay taxes, fees and wages and we do that. In fourteen days we have a deficit of two million that we have to address. We must pay the wages that we have promised and we must pay taxes and fees. I walked around one morning and practiced and felt that it was not possible. But now I think we have a solution, says Selling.

Selling is nevertheless positive and believes that the club can handle the critical situation.

– I didn't think it would be a full-time assignment, but from that moment I jumped on it. But if we manage this, which I believe, it's nice to have been traveling. I feel optimistic and will do everything to solve this.

Selling became chairman in early March and was then unaware of the crisis situation. He sends a small cock how the finances of the club were shot before he took office.

– I am disappointed with how it was treated earlier. If we had to do this two years ago, we would have had a very different location. That is it.

To save the economy, Gif Sundsvall has made unique scarves that are each sold for SEK 600. Emil Forsberg, with the past in Gif Sundsvall, has shown his support in the club's instagram. The Leipzig star announced in the comment field that he will buy and buy 100 scarves from the club for a value of SEK 60,000.

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