Robbers store the pharmacy with a coffee-cake

The staff was defeated by a robbery at a pharmacy in Hylte. Stock Johan Nilsson / TT

One person in the staff was hit with a kofot on Thursday evening by a robbery in a pharmacy in Hylte in Halland.

According to the police website, there were two masked young men with gloves entering the room, one with a gun-like object and the other with a kofot. They took money from the checkout and that was related to what the staff was beaten.

Another man kept the watch outside the pharmacy and the three disappeared after the robbery.

"The witnesses have seen raids along the escape route in the direction of Industrigatan, so that's good for the investigation, but we have not been caught yet," police spokesman Ulla Brehm said to TT.

The abused person was taken to a hospital with unknown damage, but according to Brehm, "was awake and talkable".

The police have been blocked by the site and a robbery has started.

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