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Savings economist: time to review earnings – News

The last week of the stock market was again dominated by the trade war. As stock markets in Asia faltered, movements on the Stockholm Stock Exchange were smaller and the stock market rose by about one percent during the past week.

Given that we have taken a step back with new habits and have interrupted trade negotiations, I think this should have appeared more in the courses than it did, says Maria Landeborn.

The fact that the reactions are so small is, according to her, due to the great confidence among investors that the US and China should actually accept. The fact that the world's central banks have postponed interest rate hikes for the future has also contributed positively, as has an unexpectedly strong reporting season.

So far this year, the Stockholm Stock Exchange has risen by just over 15 percent with a top listing on April 29.

In Europe there are several large countries that are stimulating the economy and the conditions for us to continue to grow in the world are good and as long as we have it, it says that the stock market must continue to rise.

Approaching the end

Maria Landeborn believes, however, that we should be aware that we are at the end of the business cycle.

If you have invested a lot of money in shares during this revival of the stock market, you have a good return. Looking at the risk in their savings, I think that's reasonable.

If you cannot tolerate a decrease, it might be a good idea to take part of the profit home with you.

However, for those who have not participated in the revival but want to enter the stock market, they do not have to come in with all capital at the same time.

Larger companies more stable

Then it is better to use the money for one to two years so that you do not run the risk of going completely wrong.

When it comes to long-term savings, the risks should also be geographically spread, she believes.

Then there are funds that have special strategies, such as funds that target large companies with stable dividends. Such a type of fund can also be good in this part of the business cycle because large dividend companies often manage it better if it is noisy on the stock market.

The region that performed best during the turbulent autumn was the United States, while Asia fell the most.

If you believe this will be turbulent in the future because of the trade dispute, it is better to invest in large stable markets instead of getting a lot of money out of the stock market.

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