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Ten people contacted after measles cases – infection

The person with measles came this weekend to the emergency department of the hospital for adults, about which Dagens Medicin wrote yesterday. According to Maria Rotzén Östlund, a contagious disease doctor for the Stockholm region, the person had contact with the care before he went to the emergency room.

How the person is infected with measles is, however, unclear at the moment.

– The work is still ongoing and we have not been able to find out how the person has been infected. We have a continuous work and will ask the person about this ", says Maria Rotzén Östlund.

Follow-up of the infection is ongoing, which means that the care goes over and sends letters to people who may have been exposed to the infection.

– I think it's about 10-20 people who have been contacted by phone in this waiting room. We also send letters with written information, says Maria Rotzén Östlund.

When do you expect that the infection will be completed?
– It usually takes a few days to contact everyone. I know it worked very well yesterday, "says Maria Rotzén Östlund.

Everyone who is contacted is advised to pay attention to signs of measles such as high fever. They also receive a preventative treatment if necessary.

Many of the persons contacted can be vaccinated or have their own virus protection against measles. People born after 1980 are usually vaccinated in the general vaccination program for children, while people born before 1960 almost always had the disease as a child.

Do you expect more people to be infected?
– You can not say anything about it in general. It is very different. If we look at the cases we had last year in Stockholm, the infection detection worked very efficiently and we did not get secondary cases. The year before, however, we had a number of cases, says Maria Rotzén Östlund.

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