Test results for sexually transmitted diseases are delayed by Covid-19

It reports Sydsvenskan.

For those who have tested for chlamydia or gonorrhea, it can take up to three weeks to get an answer. HPV tests are also delayed and can take more than a month. Anyone who has left a sample will usually be told that if there is no response within 10 days, no infection has been found. Hence, it carries great risks of delayed responses.

– Patients may have thought they were healthy and could have sex, but instead they spread the disease to others. Our fear is that the spread of chlamydia and gonorrhea will increase, Annika Johnsson, unit manager at the Center for Sexual Health in Malmö, told Sydsvenskan.

Instead, patients are urged to wait three weeks before relaxing. Currently, just over 2,000 tests are waiting for analysis, the oldest of which is one and a half weeks old.

Tests for HIV and syphilis are not affected, as they do not compete with coronary tests for analytical materials.

Lucas Brischetto

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