The best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X – Player’s TV Favorite

This winter, home entertainment is more in the spotlight than ever, and the recently released PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X got a real head start on sales – until supplies ran out.

The new game consoles have sharper, faster and smoother game graphics. But only if your TV can handle it! Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have advanced features such as 4K resolution, HDR, and higher frame rates – up to 120 frames per second in some games. This places higher demands on the TV, which has to process large amounts of data in the shortest possible time. If your TV is much older than one or two years, it may seem like it needs an upgrade quickly when you bring a new game console home.

Optimal TV for gaming

When we play, it is essential to be able to react quickly when we spot a hazard, be it a sharp hairpin or an enemy with a machine gun. It’s all about getting behind the wheel or the tractor as soon as possible. Just a few milliseconds can be the difference between life and death!

A modern TV must be able to generate the best possible picture quality from all types of video sources. It uses powerful image processing to improve sharpness, contrast and movement. The downside is that this can slow down the image signal a bit. This doesn’t matter much for regular TV viewing, but it can be sheer death to the gaming response.

If the TV wants to work optimally for gaming, it is therefore important that it has a special picture mode for games, with minimal delay. It also has to keep up with the different resolutions and frame rates that the game console or PC can operate (variable refresh rate). In addition, it is useful if the TV detects that you have started a game and automatically switches to the optimal game mode (automatic mode for low latency).

Which screen size is best for games?

Here at Ljud & Bild, we clearly prefer large screens, and as long as you have room for that, we recommend 65 inches or even larger to fully enjoy movies and series. However, a TV meant for gaming doesn’t have to be as big as a typical living room TV.

When playing, you often sit closer and more concentrated in front of the screen, with full focus on what (or who) is waiting around the next corner. A competitive gamer prefers an overview on the screen and does not want to have to watch too much. In addition, the TV must have space in the “game room” where you have less space. Then you can live with a smaller screen, as long as it has the right functions.

We’ve landed on 55 inches as the best screen size when it comes to the relationship between performance and price. Quality is much more important than quantity! However, you should know that most test participants are available in larger screen sizes.

Test delta harna

In this test, we only looked at game-related features and performance. We have found three worthy test participants. The challengers from LG (OLED55CX), Samsung (QE55Q80T) and Sony (XH9005) are all equipped with HDMI 2.1 and support 4K resolution up to 120 frames per second (4K / 120 fps) and have pure picture modes for gaming. The three screens are equipped with OLED or direct LED backlighting, which guarantees the best possible contrast. That is why they are also well equipped to display images in HDR quality.

But which of these TVs gives the best gaming experience in practice? Let’s test!

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