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The criticism of Annika Strandhäll's joke

On 1 April, social media explode with jokes from April.

Most people pass by unnoticed, but when Social Minister Annika Strandhäll published a comment about a new authority, many responded.

– I find it unpleasant for a senior politician to put something that really hurts many of us, says Sara Klasson, 23.

New compensation for childless

It is to "increase human intimacy, reduce loneliness and maintain childbirth at a high level," since the government has decided to form the new MySA authority, Annika Strandhäll writes on her Facebook.

Above all, two things will change with the submission of the authority.

A dating app with government-led individual meetings will be set up to alleviate the loneliness of the Swedes.

In addition, the new "Egg" compensation must be paid to couples trying to have children.

"Eggs are replaced at the same level as vab – taking care of a sick child – and are paid for the loss of income associated with ovulation to couples and individuals. ", Annika Strandhäll writes in her position.


The minister concludes his contribution by writing that the authority will be present in Kramfors from 1 April 2020.

"We have planned our lives for children"

Sara Klasson is 23 years old and has been working with her partner Marcus, 25 years old, for eight years.

For a long time they wanted to have children and they decided from the beginning to do it the "right way", as she puts it.

They bought a house in a child-friendly neighborhood, renovated and planned, which rooms would belong to their future children.

But when it came time, it became harder than they first thought.

Sara Klasson is struggling to have children.

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– We have planned our entire lives for children. But although we have been trying for a number of years and are waiting in line for IVF, the rooms are still empty.

April is always a tough day for Sara who has to prepare for people to post false messages with positive pregnancy tests such as the April joke.

The shame that you don't feel happy when someone else becomes pregnant and the lack of a child is reminded.

– Our life is quiet. The world around us is moving, but we are still in the same place.

"Politicians hold our IVF"

The fact that people are joking about pregnancy and children is something Sara needs to get used to, but when a senior politician does the same, she feels offended.

– It's politicians who hold our IVF. IVF already has a lower priority in this country and now you're kidding this audience.

After seeing the comments about Annika Strandhäll's contribution, Sara has understood that many people regard those who are hurt by the joke as easily violated.

– Although it doesn't matter. I don't think it's good for a politician to joke about what so many people struggle with. Nobody thought it was good to make jokes about children with cancer or something like that.

Social minister Annika Strandhäll also finds it important with humor in politics:

"I am Gothenburg and I think we need more humor in politics, not less. That's why I joked a few years ago about creating a substitute for caring for the sick man and this year about a new authority for more love. Everyone doesn't think all jokes are fun, it's that simple. ", Annika Strandhäll writes in an e-mail to Expressen.

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