The flu has reached Västerbotten – Norran, Skellefteå

Photo: isabell Höjman / TT

Now it is clear. The flu of the year has come for Västerbotten.

"In Västerbotten we know about ten cases of confirmed influenza A and the majority comes from Umeå with its environment," says Stephan Stenmark, infectious physician in Västerbotten County Council. Västerbotten Courier.

According to him, there are clear signs of infection spread in society.

– People from the risk groups should, if possible, avoid contact with others who have persistent flu symptoms, such as cough and fever, says Stephan Stenmark.

According to recent reports, influenza activity is increasing throughout Sweden.

To reduce the spread of infections, it is important to stay home from kindergarten, school and work for signs of flu. Sneezing and coughing in the arm or handkerchief and good hand hygiene can also affect the spread of infections.

"If you suspect that a person in the risk groups has been exposed to flu, they should contact the health care provider for antiviral treatment," says Stephan Stenmark.

At present, 42 percent of the over-65s are vaccinated with flu. It is at the same level as previous years.

With regard to the availability of vaccines, Västerbotten will receive a new delivery next week with a limited amount.

However, the provincial council states that the vaccine will first and foremost be given priority for pregnant women and at risk groups with chronic diseases, not for healthy pensioners or others.

Bo Wallin /Västerbotten Courier

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