The World Cup has been canceled – watch the video clip that the national team made instead

The World Cup dream was shattered when the corona pandemic got in the way of this summer’s planned championship at Flyinge.
But the national team took the opportunity and produced a video clip instead.

Ella Filippa Velander does a backstory in the music video for her debut single “Operandi”.

Team Svea, which trains with Svea Voltigeklubb in Arrie outside Malmö, has invested heavily in winning a medal at the World Cup for three years. When the championship was canceled, Ella Filippa Velander was given more time for her musical endeavor and chose to involve her national teammates when it came time to shoot a music video.

– I was already working on this song last year and since it’s my debut single, I wanted it to be something personal to me. At the beginning of the year, I started thinking about maybe making a video with vaulting, says Ella Filippa Velander who also goes by the stage name Ippah.

She has been part of the national team for several years now and as a 12-year-old she started combining vaulting and music when she herself cut the music for the vaulting programs. She is now studying urban music at the Spinneriet folk high school in Malmö.

– A friend from the former French volleyball team contacted me and liked that I made music. He’s out of the game, but started making movies, so he wondered if I wanted to make a video clip with him and a producer.

The friend is Anthony Bro-Petit who took World Cup gold with his team in 2016 and the producer is Henry Benoit who made the music for the French gold team.

– We started the collaboration and Anthony was in France, Henry in LA and I in Malmö. Then they came to Sweden for a week at the end of the summer. The film was shot in Mellbystrand and in our club.

The reactions are only positive.

– Those who haven’t seen vaulting before think it’s very cool and those I have talked to from the vaulting world like it getting into a different forum.

Team Svea continues to invest in the field of competition. The World Cup is scheduled for next summer in Budapest.

– We will continue to invest in it, says Ella Filippa Velander.

In the video the volleyball players Natalie Brixland, Marie Li Korse, Klara Sjöström, Julia Lindquist, Olivia Neilands, Clint Fiskbaek, Ella Filippa Velander and the line rider and trainer Daniela Fiskbaek participate. The horses participating are Dickens Hardsyssel and Havhöj’s Bello Nero.

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