Then it succeeds with the promise of the new year

Do you have good intentions for the new year? It is not actually a stupid idea. Usually they are usually obtained, according to a study.
– The most important thing is how he formulates his promise, says Per Carlbring, professor of psychology.

Starting more or training more or for a special race is the most common new year promise. And most are actually met, according to a Fredrik Sandberg / TT

There are many who hesitate about what a New Year's promise is really worth. But the fact is that most are being met.

In a study at Stockholm and Linköping University under Sweden, which at the beginning of 2016/2017 gave itself a New Year's promise, 55 percent thought they also fulfilled the promise, which the Swedish P4 Uppland has noticed. The promises to achieve a certain goal also proved to achieve much more than goals that seemed to be more on the line.

The conclusion was that clear and tangible promises were more often met.

– The most important thing is how you formulated your promise. To give a clear description of what to do. Promises in close-up seem to be better than closing promises. So, promises where it comes to approaching something, rather than a goal to stop something, says Per Carlbring, who is active at the University of Stockholm.

Where does it happen?

– It is probably more clear what to do. It is easy to say that one must "end with social media". We understand what that means, but what should you do instead?

It is also important to be aware that there will be setbacks and to manage them.

– If you have a high and ambitious goal, it is important that you divide this into sub-goals. If it is a high and insurmountable goal, it becomes unclear what to do to achieve it, says Per Carlbring.

The study also showed the most common promises. At the top, the promise to train more, perhaps to start with a certain training or to train for a race or a challenge. The most common is the promise to lose weight and in the third place the promise to start eating will be more useful.

Is it good to make a New Year's promise?

– Yes, because much of it is that they reach the goal. Then one can take another time of the year. It is about giving yourself a "new start". New Year can be a good time.

A good tip is to tell others about their promise, because it increases the chance that you can fulfill the promise. Now there is also the possibility to participate in a new study, which can justify it.

What do you have for the good intentions for the new year?

– I have a relatively easy promise: talking to a new person every day. It will be interesting and I think it will be pretty simple. My second promise is completely impossible, but a test if my advice works. I will act as a superhero and run 10 km every day and make 100 situps and the like, but now I have said that I only do it every other day. Yet it will be very difficult. And wonder why I promised that.


Resolutions New Year & # 39; s

The study of researchers at the University of Stockholm and the University of Linköping was conducted in 2017. 1062 people took part in the research, which was conducted on the internet. In December 2017, 55 percent answered that they had achieved their goal.

The most common resolutions for the new year apply: 1. Training. 2. Losing weight. 3. Eat more useful (can be more vegetables, for example, with less impact on the climate, etc.) 4. Develop as a person. 5. Increased mental well-being.

A new investigation into the good intentions of the new year has begun. The person who makes the 2018/2019 promise can register for:

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