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They stopped rape – praised by the police – Norrköping

Saga and Johanna, both 21 years old, were on their way home from a friend that Saturday night in November. Johanna would simply leave Saga home when they discovered a man who behaved strangely.

He was very drunk and circulated about a quarter around us. We wondered what he had for intentions. Then we saw a woman on the street and go to Folkparken, and after a while the man followed her, Saga says.

– We got a bad stomach feeling and chose to follow the man in my car. We circled around to see if they would be on the other side of the park, says Johanna.

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The location of the rape during the barrier.

Eventually the girls leave the car and in the park they see how the man is about to rape the woman.

– We ran to them, Johanna took care of the victim and I drove the rapist. Then we called the police who arrived very quickly, Saga says.

Were you not afraid of yourself?

– Of course we were both afraid, but somewhere we both felt that fashion was bigger. It happened so fast and intense and then you just go to what feels right. In retrospect, we may think that it could be dangerous for us, but that we have intervened is nothing we will ever regret, says Saga.

The police have now placed a post on their Facebook page where they pay tribute to the intervention of the girls. "They interrupted the rape with their own safety as a risk, their efforts and their observations were decisive in the arrest of the perpetrator and the investigation in general". Last Friday the verdict fell on the perpetrator who was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for attempted rape. The woman has also received compensation.

How does it feel that you can contribute to an arrest and that the man now gets his sentence?

– Of course it feels incredibly good, because it is not commonplace to be able to seize and spread punishment for these kinds of crimes.

The police also nominated Saga and Johanna for the Citizen of the Year prize, which is distributed to citizens who have shown special access to an intervention.

– It feels great and honorable. Although we would not get it, it's nice that they show their appreciation, the nomination itself is a huge honor, Saga says.

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