This is how wages developed during the pandemic

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, wage growth has slowed considerably compared to the first quarter of 2020. At that time, wages rose by an average 2.9 percent.

“The low wage development that we have seen in the past six months has mainly been an indirect effect of the corona crisis, as the annual wage review that would have taken place for a large part of the employees did not take place this spring. New agreements have now been made on the labor market, which for most people do not come into effect until November and later. In contrast, the latest statistics available point to a period when many have not had new wage conditions and it is mainly this that has slowed the pace of wage growth, ”said Petter Hällberg, economist at the Mediation Institute.

According to preliminary figures, wage growth in September was 1.3% across the economy. The corresponding figure was also 1.3% in the corporate sector, while it was 1.2% in the public sector.

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