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"What we can solve now"

Pawel Cibicki left Malmö FF and Allsvenskan 2017 for competitions in Leeds. There he initially got some playing time, but as a result he had more trouble to join the team. In the autumn he was lent to the Norwegian Molde, but there will be no more games.

On Friday, the 25-year-old man was introduced to Elfsborg, where he signed a loan agreement until the summer. In the club he also reunited with Jimmy Thelin, whom he had as a coach during his loan period in Jönköping Södra.

– We are happy that we have received Pawel at Elfsborg. We lived for a while, but somewhere we felt like it would be fun if it were. He and Jimmy have worked before and Pawel has qualities that fit well in the team we have. He showed great willingness to come to Elfsborg and the discussion with Leeds has also been very positive, says Elfsborg & # 39; s club director Stefan Andreasson on the football channel.

Cibicki has a contract with Leeds until June 2021, but if he returns to the club after the loan agreement with Elfsborg expires, remains to be seen.

– There are also opportunities in the long term, but this was what we felt we could solve now. We start with six months and then we will take the next step, if possible, based on what happens and how it goes, "says Andreasson.

Has a purchase option been included in the agreement or is it a discussion that is taken when and when?
– There is a call option.

Last fall the Nigerian striker Chinedu Obasi played in Elfsborg. The club was previously open to writing a new agreement with the striker, who had four goals during his time in the Boråslaget. Although the agreement has expired and the club has now found a replacement, Andreasson does not close doors for Obasi.

– Jimmy and the leadership team work with the team. Now we had the ambition to start something on the road to know what we needed and not further. It will certainly live for a while. The window is open until the end of March, but we probably will not close doors for someone I know. It is up to Jimmy to work and get a strong team.

How important is it to place a team as early as possible?
– There is always an ambition to try to be ready early, but there are no requirements. There are opportunities to strengthen until the end of March and there are positive things about it. It does not feel like something absolutely cruising that the team must be ready for a certain date, even if it feels good that the majority is ready.

Last season, Elfsborg finished in 12th place in the All Swedish Championship.

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