Where were the children in the 21st century? – News

So in December there will be lots of fun and fun. I look for Christmas paper and I feel like old photos in a box. One of the photo's shows me and my friend when we are lying in wait for grandmother and some of her friends in any association. Church, I think, if I remember correctly that the lice took place in the parish house. The image is blurred. If you do not know that we are, it might be a bit difficult to see, but this was before the digital camera era. The hazy does not matter, the most important thing is that the image remains. If I had not had it, the memory of that event would have been much more vague than that old, instamatic picture in the box. Maybe even erased.

When my daughter went to kindergarten and primary school, the parents sat down with the cameras to keep those big and small moments in time, so witty indeed. It was not many years ago, but actually only a few. Then, and it happened quickly, something has happened dramatically and I'm really worried. I know that I am now going to step on stairs where many, many mines are climbing and I am not sure if I have enough.

Nevertheless, I think we should consider this, and I do not just say that as a professional. If not, what are the children who play nowadays, play theater or appear in a different way to tell their parents when they will not find pictures of themselves later? In addition to a (perhaps crashed) hard drive in the bureaucracy of mother and father?

What will others say, in a future, far from ours, when in the beginning of the 21st century, for a few decades, there is no or very little documentation in which children are part of a public context? Did the hidden ones live?

Many parents can write a paper at school or at kindergarten if they agree that their children are in the media or not. Of course it is important, we do not know the least who works as reporters, filmmakers or photographers.

There are children with a protected identity and there are children who should and should be protected from exposure for other reasons. But what many do not think about when they write on that paper, perhaps the most to guess because they have not thought clearly, is that their children will not be among their friends in the paper, or be interviewed about their opinions, even though they actually have very good and fun things to speak out.

We would like to tell you about children, but it is often very complicated because most children, even those who are not allowed, really want to participate.

Believe me, I understand that this is so much more than just saying yes or no.

When the door to Facebook, instagram and all other variants in social, public areas opened a few years ago, we probably were not really prepared for how big it would be and which traps were released for us. Of course it is not just bad, but we certainly want to protect our children to randomly take photos from them out of context, where they should not do that.

Photo requests are available at many schools and playgroups. At one or other school you let the light light up almost completely, so that the children are barely visible. On the other side, the lucar train is photographed from behind, or you only see the feet under white varieties and red feathers. Others choose to have their family members photographed, but with limitations on how the images are used. And yes, that is a risk.

I understand all this and I also understand that it is about fear of the children. But still I am really worried.

It is not just in the context of children where it is not really fun to pick up the camera or mobile to take a picture. Of course, the new law on personal data or the data protection regulation (GDPR) is, of course, established for one reason. It is certainly necessary, but it has also contributed to closing more doors for us in the media, but also in many other public and private companies.

But the children, they can not decide this themselves. And I actually think that there is an immediate risk that, in often exaggerated fear, we will create a couple of decades in the history books with large and very sad gaps.

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