20 minutes – Ikea will soon have furniture in Switzerland

Customers can soon rent furniture from Ikea. This is what Ikea CEO Jesper Brodin says about "NZZ am Sonntag". The offer is mainly aimed at people whose livelihoods can change quickly, such as students, expats or families. The rental offer is also launched in Switzerland.


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The company is working hard on the concept, confirming a spokesperson for Ikea Switzerland compared to 20 minutes. When exactly the offer is launched, but Ikea does not want to tell.

Only that way: the company launches the rental offer with a selected range. In the foreground are the needs of the customers: for example, a student does not need a complete TV wall living room, but a table or a bench, according to the speaker.

Renting is becoming more and more accepted

Especially younger generations are less concerned with owning things, but prefer to have access to them, the spokesperson continues. According to Christian Fichter, business psychologist at the University of Kalaidos, renting is now more accepted than in the past. Tilman Slembeck, professor of economics at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), says 20 minutes: "I'm surprised it did not last long." In countries such as the United States, the rental of furniture has been established for decades.

By making consumers more mobile, they want more flexibility, says Slembeck. He is convinced that Ikea will respond to a large customer need and open up new markets.

Easy replacement

Even Fichter of the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences sees advantages: this would make it easier for customers to replace their old furniture if they lose it. And whoever changes the apartment knows where to go with the old furniture.

One disadvantage, however, could be that renting furniture could ultimately be more expensive, says Fichter. Whether this ultimately applies, however, depends on Ikea's business model.

Brakes with rental furniture

"If the facility is not yours, it may also be that consumers do not feel at home", emphasizes Fichter. Due to the fact that people are afraid to damage the rental furniture and have to pay for it on return, the furniture can not be used without restriction.

The fact that the rented furniture is already being used, is usually not a problem for consumers, says Slembeck of the ZHAW: "Anyone who rents a catering group for a small amount per month is prepared to accept that it is no longer new."

Who can afford, buys

Especially for students or young families it may not be so bad for a fabric sofa or the like that it is a used piece of furniture, so Fichter. Consumers who place a great deal of emphasis on their facility and who can afford it directly can, in many cases, prefer that path, according to the expert.

Ikea offers a return program today: customers can return used furniture to the store and receive compensation for this. According to CEO Brodin, the offer will be used: "100 pieces of furniture per week will be returned and the trend will increase." At the launch of this program, the company gambled on the best-selling items


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