CEO Adecco-Switzerland: Switzerland is ready for digitization

But here too many job profiles are at risk. "About twenty percent of all jobs are so-called" low skilled "jobs – and possibly influenced by automation or digitization," she said in an interview with AWP, but the dual education system helps tremendously because it is faster adapts to changes.

Burth also warns against excessive protection of the Swiss labor market. "It is absolutely crucial that we remain open to foreign specialists." However, due to the "national priority light", the shortage of skilled labor has now been strengthened again in certain areas. The professional groups that had to be "protected" were partially too wide. Here it needs adjustments.

According to the labor market expert, the potential of domestic staff is currently also underused. "It's about pensioners and especially women," says Burth. "For the latter I would like to introduce day schools throughout Switzerland." If these were missing, it would be difficult to reconcile everything.

For an HR service provider such as Adecco, the current shortage of skilled labor is also an opportunity – and a reason for the strong growth of the Adecco group in Switzerland. "Here we can add value by finding those people who do not find everyone." Burst is not worried that Adecco's social media platforms will soon close the company. "It's not so easy to keep a list Make candidates based on Linkedin profiles, we can do that." (SDA)

Posted on 18.09.2018 | Updated at 16:42

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