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McDonald's prohibits all artificial preservatives, colors and flavors from the most popular burgers in the US. Almost all. The gherkin remains artificially fresh – but you can omit this, writes the fast food chain.

McDonald & # 39; s USA is continuing a development that has spurred the company around the world for some time. The citizens with the big M on the packaging should get a better picture. This means that in the minds of consumers less is associated with greasy food and cheap production than with good, local meat and social engagement.

The Swiss offshoot is a pioneer. Already in 2009 the logo was marked green to underline the efforts in color. And anyone who reads about the McDonald's involvement on the website does not know if that is almost fair food: a great employer who saves, recycles and sponsors and labels and especially Swiss local beef farmers sets.

It is no coincidence that companies focus on more expensive products, especially in Switzerland.

Of course McDonald & # 39; s not only there. Healthy, green and honest is trendy. And of course it is no coincidence that companies rely on more expensive products, especially in Switzerland – their market researchers know where the investment is worth. You do not expect anything else from a profit-oriented company. And that does not have to be bad, if more people come to eat better.

Nevertheless, we must remain critical. Where confessions for McDonald's are not worth it. For example, the Group still avoids taxes, moves other restaurants outside the city and, despite veggie hamburgers and lettuce, remains dependent on meat – with all its negative effects. And that the Big Mac is not really healthy, even without additions, this must be clear to every child. In the end, we decide whether we want to completely abandon it – or whether it is enough for us to omit the pickle.

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Created: 30.09.2018, 22:28 clock

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