Implenia is building a mountain in Stockholm's bus station

The project is part of a redesign of the transport hub Slussen and has an order volume of approximately 80 million francs, the company said on Tuesday. The new bus station will be opened in 2023.

Implenia also builds access roads

The bus station must consist of three rock rooms with a maximum height of 24 meters. For this purpose, approximately 270,000 cubic meters of rock is inflated and removed from the interior of the mountain. In addition to these demolition activities, Implenia is responsible for making driveways, connecting tunnels and drainage tunnels.

The construction is still in September 2018. The work has to be completed in June 2021. Then follow the work for the interior, which is not part of the order.

Posted on 18.09.2018 | Updated at 10:15 am

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