Linde AG: Merger control approved by Chinese competition authority for proposed business combination with Praxair, Inc.

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Linde AG: Merger control approved by Chinese competition authority for proposed business combination with Praxair, Inc.

30.09.2018 / 13:02 hrs CET / CEST
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The Chinese competition authority, the State administration for market regulation (SAMR), today approved the merger control of the proposed business combination between Linde Aktiengesellschaft and Praxair, Inc.

The completion of the business combination depends on the timely receipt of approvals and approvals required in South Korea and the US, as well as the approval pending approval by the European Commission by the European Commission, which must be granted by 24 October 2018 at the latest. .

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Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, the estimated timing and probability of completion of the business combination, including timing, condition or condition required regulatory approvals. or regulatory authorities of the proposed business combination that could reduce the expected benefits or cause the parties to terminate or terminate the transaction; the occurrence of events, changes or other circumstances that could lead to the termination of the Business Combination Agreement; the ability to successfully complete the proposed business combination and the exchange offer; legal or other restrictions imposed as a result of the proposed business combination; the success of the company after the intended business combination; the ability to successfully integrate the companies Praxair and Linde; Risks related to the depreciation of senior management resources related to normal business activities through the proposed business combination; the risk of adverse consequences of the announcement or execution of the proposed business combination on the share price of Linde & # 39; s or Praxair's ordinary shares, the ability of Linde and Praxair to retain or hire important employees or employees, and to maintain relationships with their respective suppliers and customers; on their business results or their companies in general; the risk that Linde plc may not achieve the expected synergy effects or that the achievement of these synergies may be longer or more expensive than planned; Regulatory and regulatory initiatives at local, provincial or federal level or abroad aimed at recuperating and rendering the cost of investments, the tariff structure and the speed with which and the extent to which the competitor has access to the industries of industrial gases, engineering and healthcare; the outcome of disputes and official investigations, procedures or investigations; the timing and scale of changes in commodity prices, interest rates and exchange rates; the general economic situation, including the risk of a sustained slowdown or deterioration of the economy, or the risk of a slowdown in recovery, which could affect the long-term demand for industrial gas, engineering and healthcare and related services; possible consequences of terrorist attacks and all subsequent war or other conflicts; Changes in environmental, safety and other laws and regulations; the development of alternative energy sources, results and costs of financing efforts, including the possibility of obtaining financing on favorable terms, which can be influenced by various factors, including credit ratings and general market and economic conditions; an increase in the cost of goods and services needed for the completion of investment projects; the impact of accounting statements that are regularly issued by the relevant committees; Conditions of the bond and capital markets; the acceptance by the market of and the continuing demand for the products and services of Linde and Praxair; Changes in tax legislation and their interpretation that could increase the consolidated tax burden of Praxair, Linde or Linde plc, and the other factors discussed in the published annual and interim reports of Linde and on the website of the SEC (www.sec .gov ) documents available for publication with the SEC (public archives) from Praxair and Linde plc, especially those under the headings & # 39; Risk Factors & # 39; and & # 39; Forward-looking statements & # 39; in the shape Form 10-K from Praxair for the year ending December 31, 2017. The above list of risk factors is not exhaustive. The risks & # 39; s and other risks associated with the proposed business combination are set forth in the Proxy Statement / Prospectus and the Prospectus contained in the Registration Statement filed by Linde plc with the SEC (Form S-4) and are explained in more detail in the offer memorandum or in prospectuses or supplements submitted to BaFin in connection with the planned business combination. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the events described in the forward-looking statements may not occur or may occur to a different extent or at a different time than that described by Linde, Praxair or Linde plc. . All these factors are difficult to predict and beyond our control. All forward-looking statements in this document are based on Linde, Praxair and Linde plc on the date of publication of the information and Linde, Praxair and Linde plc disclaim any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, and such an obligation is not taken over, unless required by law.

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