Tesla: Elon Musk allows for judicial investigation


Due to canceled exit from the stock exchange
Tesla admits that research has been done on the American justice system

Elon Musk: Investigation against the boss of Tesla


Elon Musk: Investigation against the boss of Tesla

Production problems with the Model 3, several executives on the run, various lawsuits against the company and now the neck of the public prosecutor on the back of insane tweets to a supposed stock exchange withdrawal. Is car manufacturer Tesla in chaos?

New problem for Tesla: the thoughts of Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, on the car manufacturer's collapse, are having an aftermath. The American e-car manufacturer admitted Tuesday that the Ministry of Justice had requested documents about Musk's comments. This is not an appeal, wrote a Tesla spokesman in an e-mail. Tesla hopes for an early clarification of the case. The Ministry of Justice declined to comment.

The US prosecutors have investigated whether Musk wants to buy from the stock market with his tweet, Tesla, the public has been misled and price manipulation has been carried out, the Bloomberg news agency reported earlier. The US Department of Justice did not want to comment on the case.

Investors were already afraid of a criminal investigation. Several hedge funds had already filed a lawsuit against Tesla for pricing Musk & # 39; s tweet as price manipulation with the argument & # 39; secured finance & # 39 ;. Musk had posted his thoughts about a retreat on the stock exchange per tweet in August, but left this plan a few weeks later.

The part of Tesla
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In the meantime, it lost about 6 percent of its value after the release of the report. Currently it has dropped by 4.5 percent.

The investigation of the public prosecutor increases the legal pressure on Tesla. Just a month ago, Fox Business News reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission had sued all nine Tesla board members. Musk had surprisingly announced in a tweet on August 7 to privatize Tesla at the stock exchange price of $ 420. Later he retracted his plan. In particular, his claim that funding for such a deal is secured is considered to be legally explosive.

Executives on the run

With the escapades of their driver, many managers no longer seem to want to live. More and more top managers leave the car manufacturer, it becomes lonely around Elon Musk. Recently, Tesla & # 39; s chief accountant Dave Morton had given up his job – after only a month in the job. Then, from the finance department with Justin McAnear, another senior manager took the lead. In between, HR boss Gabrielle Toledano said she would not return to the company after her break. And also Shen Jackson, the director of Tesla's production technology, said he would not be returning from the Sabattical in the company these days.

Short sellers: Seventh lawsuit against Tesla and Musk

The party of the short seller Andrew Left had contributed to the uncertainty of investors to Tesla and Elon Musk. The prominent activist investor argues that Musk has set up plans to take Tesla off the stock market with fraudulent intentions. The aim was to "burn" investors who had bet on Tesla's falling share price.

The class action lawsuit filed on Thursday claims that Musk's spread of false and misleading information also harms investors gambling on the rising stock price of Tesla. The legal action of Andrew Left is one of at least seven against Elon Musk.

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Tesla boss Musk has meanwhile spoken about his incessant inventiveness. The always new ideas in his mind are like "infinite explosions," Musk said during a podcast with comedian Joe Rogan on Friday night. When he was a little boy, he wondered if he was crazy because other people did not seem like him.

"I think you do not necessarily want to be me," Musk said to his interlocutor. "You would not like that." Maybe it's "great" in the beginning, but "what if it does not stop?" During the long conversation with Rogan, Musk puffed a cigarette that was offered to him with a mix of tobacco and marijuana (2:10:15). "I usually do not smoke grass, hardly ever," said the American entrepreneur. "I do not think it's good for productivity, it's like a cup of coffee in reverse order." Cannabis use is not illegal in California.

The criticism of Musk is increasing

The criticism of Musk, however, accumulates anyway. The board would worry about the nightly Twitter sessions and some members know that Musk sometimes uses recreational drugs. The impulsive behavior of the Tesla boss also brings investors turmoil and causes strong fluctuations in the stock market, which led to the extreme today.

Musk was not only negative because of his tweets for the removal of Tesla. The CEO gave an interview to The New York Times, in which he spoke about the "worst year of his career" and congestion. He said to take Ambien regularly. The drug can make addictive and weakened mental performance. The interview also led to a shift on the stock market.

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