20 minutes – "Lindsay Lohan lost her mind"

A live video from Instagram by Lindsay Lohan (32) is currently causing confusion and shaking head on the Internet: the actress and the club operator have apparently tried to take their children away from a homeless family. According to Newsweek, the video shows her approaching a family of four on the street. Where the scenes took place is unclear. Probably in Paris, because Lohan posted their last Insta messages there and you hear in one place that someone in the background speaks French.


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The Lindsay Lohan of the past "is dead"

Apparently they are refugees, which Lindsay Lohan provides first aid. "What do you need I can get it for you Do you want a place to sleep?" Says Lohan as she films the family wrapped in a blanket, and she speaks a mix of English, Arabic and Russian.

"Do not mess with me!"

Then she asks one of the boys if he wants to watch movies in the hotel room. The woman holding the child shakes her head repeatedly. Lohan does not stop: "Only for tonight." The family tries to get rid of the actress and runs away. But Lohan follows them, accuses the adults of "human trafficking" and shouts: "Do not mess with me! The whole world is watching!"

When the actress tries to catch a boy, Lohan seems to be pushed or beaten by someone, so she falls. Then she shows her tear-stained face and says she is "shocked". She has still not commented on the incident after the livestream.

You can view the entire stream here. The argument at the end is in the video above.

On Twitter, many users are annoyed and angry about Lohan's behavior.

"I watched the whole video and there is absolutely no excuse for what Lindsay Lohan did, which is just terrible."

"Lindsay Lohan, the livestreamt, as she accuses a family of human trafficking, is the thinnest thing that 2018 has had to offer so far."

Lindsay Lohan clearly lost her mind. & # 39;

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