Beatrice Egli: Will she leave Switzerland soon?

Beatrice Egli (30) is a winner! In the Samschtig-Jass yesterday, all eyes were on the pop singer. She had a good grip on the cards and was even the favorite for the Jasskönig before the last round of play. "I have learned to jump from my Schwinger colleagues", Egli revealed. "And before the broadcast, Jörg Abderhalden gave me a small refresher course."

The program was recorded in Tuggen, not far from the house of Eglis in Pfäffikon SZ: "15 minutes of cycling", says the hitster. Whether she wants to live there forever, moderator Reto Scherrer (42) asked: "Here will always be my home", says Egli. "At the same time, I do not know where it will take me." Does the pop singer want to leave? "Depending on where love falls". Only: officially Egli is considered for five years as a single, relationships she had previously hidden from the public. Who knows, maybe Egli will change the place of residence too soon.

Posted on 30.09.2018 Updated 30 minutes ago

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