Opera singer rages about the "Super Talent" appearance

She is a very special musical talent: opera singer Gabriela Zanchi tried her last night on "Das Supertalent" with "Sex Sells".

Even before the performance, the Italian singer announced: "I have been prepared for love from head to toe." But it got even thicker. Instead of singing, only the moaning came on stage with the opera singer. There was no happy ending for the lascivious Italian. But three times "no"

Is orgasm also a talent?

"There are situations in life where satisfaction is better than good," said Juror Dieter Bohlen (61). "But what happens the second time?" Sylvie Meis, 40, was furious: "Where is this going to lead? It was not singing and it did not come." And the Poptitan added: "Yes, she did not sing, but came." Users also blamed social media: "Wow, orgasm is a talent?" Was a comment on Twitter.

«I wanted to free my eyes»

Hülya Schökel (37) from Mannheim also flopped. "Not everyone can do that, and the world has not seen that yet, people will probably be a bit scared," she announced.

Eye trick was in the pants: play

Eye trick was in the pants: "Supertalent" candidate Hülya Schökel only turns his eyes. MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius

On the stage the camper rolled her eyes a bit. And what was the intention behind it? "I wanted to clear my eyes." But that was pretty bad. (LCB)

Posted on 30.09.2018 Updated at 11:12

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