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To find out if there is one movie could be a success committee Studio Script Advisors. They summarized a shock of scripts, embedding, guessing. The problem: the personal taste obscures the vision of the company. For example, the Scriptbook company considers the thing that presented its own method on the weekend at the Zurich Summit in Hotel Dolder: an artificial intelligence reads scripts and analysis of problems.

The company spends about 1000 scripts per day, said Michiel Ruelens in his presentation. Someone who takes his time and has moods is no longer needed. Scriptbook formalizes the content of the script and offers cash forecasts and target matrix. The AI ​​learns steadily and can not only distinguish between success and failure, it also makes it possible to search specifically. "Assuming you want a western with a female protagonist and some romance, you will immediately find such a script with us", said the staff at Ruelens.

The shaman of sperm

You would like to have the scripta machine immediately feed the script of "High Life" by Claire Denis (gala premiere). Science fiction is currently quite popular, Robert Pattinson also plays as the protagonist. The plot of the first English-language film of the Frenchwoman ("Beau Travail") could also come directly from a kiosk order: a group of criminals sentenced to death is sent into space in a space capsule, so that they make the energy of black holes usable.

It is as if Claire Denis takes the technological vision of the future back to the most archaic lusts.

But the approach of Claire Denis is very limited: her style is the composition of intensities, therefore Pattinson's astronaut must first look at his crying baby, most likely the result of fertilization experiments on board by a kind of doctor (Juliette Binoche), who ever is referred to as the "shaman of sperm".

That used to be when the crew was still alive; Now only astronauts and babies survive, and Denis punctures their daily rituals with flashbacks that explain less than electrify the moments: with brutality and tenderness. More than the warp drive is "high life" of the libido: In the spacecraft there is a machine Verstellungsbox for one person, in which the juices flow vigorously. It is as if Claire Denis traces the technological vision of the future back to the most archaic lusts: her science fiction is a flying experimental space for research into human (and parent) instincts, cruel and glorious.

Damaged before noon

The nice thing about the ZFF is that you can paint films that probably will not go to film during the entire program and outside the competition. "In Fabric" by the British director Peter Strickland is one of them. A handmade giallo-tribute, developed on the basis of a vein red dress that drives the owner to madness and death: instead of a white mirror mirror, an evening dress floats through empty corridors. Horror to enjoy, and between all stylistics the terribly funny portrait of a bank clerk and her daily struggle against the arrogance and the surveillance addiction of the powerful.

Scriptbook scriptwriter would probably be here & # 39; menstruating mannequin & # 39; have expelled and predict a disastrous result in cash. Incidentally, the presentation at the Zurich Summit was abruptly aborted: the Powerpoint rushed away, after which it needed the man who logged in again. It was time for the network lunch, because people were hungry for each other.

"In Fabric": 5. 10., 23 hours, Riffraff. (Editors Tamedia)

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