10 tips for a nice holiday home

By Marianne Kohler, August 20, 2018

For many today is the first day after the summer holidays. With these ideas, the return to a happy new beginning.

1- arrival

Do you know the feeling? Before you leave, you really want to stay home – and when you return, you are sad. Treat yourself to a successful arrival. This is often associated with the personal expansion of the territory. Our dog, Miss C. inspects all the toys, gets water and my husband pours the plants. I usually go shopping, because a full refrigerator gives me a home feeling. The apartment is neatly cleaned before departure. But big cleaning and the beds fresh, I have not been doing it for a long time. Because I think the apartment needs it, especially when you come back. The fresh sheets do not feel so fresh after two or three weeks of retirement. Cleans and washes anyway on return, because these activities are a reconquest of the house. But also enjoy a small aperitif, a fine, simple meal – and welcome yourself. (The picture shows furniture by Fritz Hansen, available at Wohnbedarf.)

2 – Unpack

The large unpacking with the associated laundry marathon is an opportunity to reconsider the wardrobe. Not everything you like to wear during your holiday fits into everyday life. Even in the biggest heat wave, shorts and flip-flops are not chic in the city. Airy summer dresses and sandals and loosely cut cotton trousers, summer shirts and light summer shoes replace the style of the beach and swimming pool. Moreover, it is already time to think about the fall fashion, because the new collections have arrived in the stores. When unpacking, pay attention to how you install the cabinet and take the opportunity to arrange everything in a fun and new way. (Photo on: Apartment Therapy)

3 – Reorder

The rest of the apartment is now also open for a new order. Give everything more lightness and freshness. This makes room for something new and above all room for living and living. (Photo: A cheerful accident blog)

4 – Extend holiday

You can even extend a little holiday. Cover the bed with the beautiful colorful blanket you have found on the market in the south. Or the one you buy here, simply because it gives you a holiday feeling. Unwind the bath with colorful beach towels and place fresh herbs for a summer scent. Put colored ceramics right in front of the kitchen cabinet, because in those countries the Mediterranean dishes, which you like so much, taste even better. Discover the recipes for simple Mediterranean dinners here all week on the blog on Thursday. (Photo: Britta Nickel)

5 – Keep enjoying the summer

Nothing prevents you from enjoying the summer and hopefully long. Open the balcony doors and enjoy a drink at sunset on the balcony or with the window open. They can not copy the holidays, but they can introduce new rituals that work at home. (Photo: Découvrir l & # 39; endroit du décoration)

6 – Also take a break in daily life

These are interruptions. They are now disabled in the long summer holidays. Use this energy to switch. Despite all the pressure of work, family and daily life, you do not have to live in life. They miss the beautiful time of doing nothing, of pleasure and of rest. Not every moment in life must be an instinctive moment. Take a break, read books, enjoy a good glass of wine or a piece of baguette with tapenade – without taking pictures and posting. Take evening walks and often go to your favorite restaurant. By the way, mine is perfect for this summery holiday feeling in your own city. It not only has a fantastic simple, Mediterranean cuisine, but also a nice little garden with hydrangeas & charms. It is called Marcelino Pane e Vino and is located on the Forchstrasse in Zurich. (Photo: Destination Pearl Street)

7 – Change a little

If pause is about your pimping, turn it around a bit. A small change, such as a chair suddenly standing in a different place, or a crazy plank, can bring about a completely new feeling of home. Everything from Ikea.

8 – Treat yourself

You can feel the summer as long as possible by pampering yourself with good care products. In my summer selection the crème Jeunesse des Pied is at the top of the list – perfect for well-groomed summer feet. The heat wave accompanied me day and night the thermal water from the sprayer of La Roche-Posey – and of course a fan! Sun protection is super important, not only in the summer and in the sun. Here too I choose the products of La Roche-Posey on the advice of dermatologists. For the face I need the care, not in the eyes burning sunscreen and for the body the milk – all with a protection factor of 50. I love the French product lines, which are available in the pharmacies. So I need Avène for daily care and always bring Darphin products from France. Two of my other favorites that I use every day are Kiehl & # 39; s delicious coconut-scented Amino Acid Shampoo and Aesop hand cream. (Photo: EQS)

9 – Adding holiday memories

Pampering also includes embellishment and holiday memories have a particularly important place. Show collected shells in beautiful bowls. Integrate souvenirs, even cheesy, on the shelves. This can be on the bookshelf, on the kitchen shelf or in the bathroom. Take photos & # 39; s and photos on a mood board or create collages. (Photo: fantastic farmhouse)

10 – Forge new plans

Home arrival is the best time to make new plans. Looking for places that are suitable for a small holiday – I have presented you with a fantastic new bed and breakfast in Switzerland on Friday. Or search for new holiday destinations in places you do not know yet. Discover a wonderful hotel on the English coast this Friday that inspires. (Photo above: gravity)


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