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At the end of May or the beginning of June, depending on the state of the vegetation, the alpine meadows of the Urnerboden, the largest canopy in Switzerland, gather in Spiringen for the "Alp Lake". That means, to determine the date of the Alpauffahrt on the Urnerboden. The Alpfahrt 2018 took place on 6 June.

After about four weeks, the grass is grazed on the Urnerboden. On the upper Oberstäfeln, 1600 to 2000 meters above sea level, cows still find young and fresh grass. The Oberstäfel are located on the left and right of the valley above the Urnerboden (Wängi, Orthalten, Firn, Zingel, Läcki and Sahli), to the east and west of the Klausen pass (Klus, Vorfrutt, Klausenpass, Niemerstafel, Bödmer, Chammli , Balm, Käsern, Heidmannsegg Mettenen, Oberalp, Niederalp and Wannelen).

Last Sunday, August 19, after the service on the Klausen Pass, "z" Bodä gmeerät ". That is, the date for the Bodega 2018 has been determined. From a twin proposal for Thursday and Saturday, August 25, the Alpineers voted 18 to 12 for Saturday.

After a good seven weeks Oberstäfelzeit is there because the green feed grazed. Now it goes back to the Urnerboden. On 25 August 50 alpine families left shortly after sunrise to return to the Urnerboden with their cows.

Up with the truck, on foot

In contrast to the alpine journey, where more than 90 percent of the animals are transported to the alp by truck, the cows walk back from the Oberstäfeln to the Urnerboden. The fact that around 1000 cows from the left and right of the valley and the Klausen Pass return to the Urnerboden in the morning and announce their sound in an exceptional dimension, makes this event unique in Switzerland. At about 6 o'clock the first seniors arrive at the Urnerboden.

It is advisable to arrive the day before

From 10 am alpine products from the alpine families are offered for sale in the Alpkäserei Urnerboden. A tip: It is advisable to travel to the Klausenpass region the day before to get another parking space between the pass and the Urnerboden. From about 5 am to 12 pm on this part of the Klausenpass, the traffic of motor vehicles is severely handicapped.

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