1,000,000 for Bergkäserei Müstair

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Coop will donate part of the sales proceeds to the Coop Mountain Area sponsor money for every August 1, Weggen, August 1, Bündner bergkaas sold and every August 1st Cervelat. This year, 1 million francs will go to the urgently needed new construction of the organic mountain dairy company Müstair GR.

The organic mountain dairy in the village center of Müstair GR is about to go out, as Coop says in a press release. 12 organic farmers deliver their milk every day. They depend on the cheese factory.

If the milk can no longer be processed directly in the valley, it must be transported over two passages in the lowlands. From an ecological point of view, this is not logical, and for farmers this would involve high financial costs.

Only a new building can help

The only thing that the mountain dairy company Müstair can help is a new building. The current building is out of date and the cheese cellar is much too small. An extension of the existing location is therefore impossible. Therefore, a new plot was purchased at the entrance of the village. The construction of a new mountain dairy has already begun. This costs around 4.5 million francs and is financially supported by the Canton of Graubünden and by the federal government. Nevertheless, the unsecured costs remain.

As a result of the traditional sale of 1 August, Weggen, Cervelat and Bünder Bergkäses, around 260,000 francs were collected from Coop this year. The Coop sponsorship has increased the amount to CHF 1,000,000. "I am very pleased to be contributing to ensuring the future of the Chascharia Val Müstair and the organic mountain farmers in the valley", says Irene Kaufmann, chairman of the Board of Coop Sponsorship for Mountain Areas on the occasion of handing over the check to the representatives of the cheese factory Müstair on Wednesday.

The Coop sponsorship for mountain areas

For more than 75 years, the non-profit organization of Coop has been working to improve the living and working conditions of the mountain population with targeted resources. Every donated Swiss franc goes entirely to self-help projects in the Swiss mountain area, because all administrative costs are borne by Coop.

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