20 minutes – 15-year-old student from Erstfeld missing

After school, the 15-year-old Feruz Seltene returned home Friday, as the cantonal police Uri announced on Sunday. She was accompanied on the way home by a friend. At 5.00 pm the two arrived there and said goodbye.

However, the 15-year old Eritrean woman did not arrive in the parents' apartment. She moved in an unknown direction. Where it is at the moment is unknown, it goes on and on.

Camouflage shirt, jeans with floral pattern

The missing person is 1.58 meters tall and slim in shape. She is wearing a camouflage shirt and blue jeans with floral pattern. She also wears black Nike sneakers and should have a black school bag.

The cantonal police Uri asks for information: who can give information about the whereabouts of the missing persons, must report this to the police on 041 875 22 11.


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