20 minutes – and again smoked goods had the blame

For the second time this year it burned on Saturday in the Oltner Holzbrücke. Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished, so the damage remained low.

For many Oltner the cause of the fire is beyond doubt. "Of course it was again a Zigi or a similar debt," says a user in the Facebook group Olten. Another writes: "When I run over the bridge and see how many slopes there are on the floor, I am not baffled."

Smoke on old Oltner wooden bridge

Arson excluded

Kapo spokesman Thomas Kummer confirms the suspicion on request: "The investigation of the cantonal police Solothurn has shown that the fire is due to the failure of smoker products." This had ended up in the ground construction and led in the episode to a smoldering fire. Arson can be excluded.

Which smokers' products have led to smoldering fire, or a cigarette or a cigar, can not be determined, Kummer said.

Smoking despite smoking ban

Smoke products were the trigger during the fire in March. Smoking has been banned on the entire wooden bridge since April. "The fact that some people still smoke and throw their stubs on the ground is frustrating," says city author Markus Dietler. The city is currently considering short-term measures before the wooden bridge is renovated at the end of the year. "For example, there are extra ashtrays or an emergency lid," says Dietler.

The Facebook group of Oltner is also busy about how future fires can be prevented. A user says: "Now there must be a private fire station, I am happy to help."


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