20 minutes – dealer sold kilo – and loss

The criminal court of Lucerne punished a 40-year-old driver who traded drugs in 2015, with a three-year prison sentence. The defendant had suffered a loss on his trading floor.

The drug dealer must be employed for a year for three years. This would be possible in only half a prisoner. For the remaining two years, the maximum probation period of five years applies. There are also procedural costs of about 67,000 francs.

The opinion published on Sunday came about in the abridged procedure and is legally binding. The court described the fine as mild in view of the quantities traded. It pointed out, however, that the accused had terminated trade on his own initiative, had known and lived in an orderly family situation and professional circumstances.

Cocaine, marijuana and hashish

In 2015, the accused sold 1.5 kilos of cocaine, 20 kilos of marijuana and 4.7 kilos of hashish. Turnover is estimated by the public prosecutor in the indictment up to 167,000 francs.

Although the drug dealer benefited from individual transactions, he lost a big loss in a store. "The suspect obtained an admitted total […] a profit of about Fr. 18 & # 39; 000.- », says the verdict. In a company, however, he had suffered a loss of 16,500 euros, which corresponds to about 18,150 francs.

"All in all, the accused therefore did not score a profit", he concludes. If travel costs are taken into account, he probably suffered a total loss for drug trafficking, the prosecutor said. Because he was not part of a drug ring, the "financial losses were obviously more difficult to deal with than a large drug ring with other financial possibilities."

The suspect worked as a truck driver during the day and smoked his own car in the evening. He did not act in Lucerne, but in border regions of Switzerland and neighboring countries. He had no boss nor a subordinate.

Professional, but still naïve

To make an investigation more difficult, the accused used nine different mobile phones for his drug trade. He had worked rather professionally in this respect, wrote the prosecutor. He also behaved naively.

For example, the suspect has delivered 3 kilograms of marijuana to unknown persons and the purchase price was deceived. The planned import of 30 kilograms of marijuana from Serbia also went wrong: only 18 kilograms were delivered and this product was also insured by the police in Croatia.

The police followed the drug dealer with a GPS device on his car. However, the device was discovered when the suspect sold his car in his native Serbia. He stopped the drug trade at the end of 2015. "Certainly, the abandonment had its cause in the financial failure of his drug trade and in the discovery of the GPS," it says in the verdict. The police arrested him a year later without resuming trade.


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