20 minutes – In order to distribute buses, the police drove the driving ban

Because of the nice weather, all parking spaces in the Guggeien-Höchst restaurant in St. Gallen were occupied in a short time last Sunday, as FM1Today writes on Thursday. As a result, some motorists parked a more prominent place. To get there, they had to drive about ten meters through a driving ban. "The police followed to pay the drivers, is that allowed?" A reporter from the FM1 reader wondered.


Do you mind that the drivers were bruised?

Apparently: "If the police are on a mission, they can do certain things that a driver is not allowed, and in this case it was absolutely permissible for the drivers to be followed in the ban," says Roman Kohler, spokesperson for the Stapo St. Gallen to FM1Today. «In order to keep the access roads free, for example for the fire brigade, the police of the city police lose false parking spaces. Vehicles are also towed under certain circumstances, "says Kohler.

The neglect of a driving ban is declared forfeited by 100 francs, false car parkers have to pay 40 francs. If a vehicle is towed, it costs another 300 francs.

In the reactions people are annoyed by the behavior of the police: "It does not look like an ambulance can not drive past the cars." One could have squeezed one eye, because people would have parked in the parking lot, if it had free seats, "writes User Regula. "That's another typical city police force, and it's getting more and more the impression that parking buses are spreading under their core competency, and that should not be the case, because there would be more important police tasks," the lady continues.

Another writes: "If the police is too lazy to walk, it would be great if they were too lazy to write buses."

Who should pay police officers?

Policemen who do not follow the traffic rules – people know that in St. Gallen. The story is reminiscent of the situation when the police parked in a car park with a handicap, which is not allowed for non-disabled people. The police justified themselves at that time, that it sometimes has to go fast in missions and to park the officials in the first parking lot.

In addition, "Who should pay us police officers?", Threw Gian Andrea Rezzoli's spokesman into the room. To confront the police with the consequences, someone who complains about the park sinner in the rows of the police would have to file a complaint. Then the case would be checked by the superiors of the police officer involved. He could not remember such a case.

The police park so "bad"

In this photo gallery you can see where the police park when they are in action.

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