20 minutes – police naked call because they can not find clothes

Shortly after midnight, the message came through the emergency call center that a naked man called the police on the shore of the lake in Romanshorn. On their Facebook page, the cantonal police Thurgau explains how it came about: "Two men had given themselves up to alcohol and had the idea to bathe in the lake, so they deposited their clothes and valuables on a bench in the park and jumps naked in the water. & # 39;

Police can also be funny, but only on Facebook

But after the cooling the shock followed: they did not find the clothes anymore. The two men apparently assumed that they had been stolen. For one of the swimmers that was clearly too much and that's why he started complaining loudly and calling the police.

Record-breaking short search

"Our police officers turned out to be lifesaver again," continues Kapo TG. In the context of a record-breaking short search, the missing clothes came to light again. "And on exactly the same bank where they were put down for bathing …"

That was the case. The Nacktbader were sent to bed and the police could do the rest of their night shift.


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