20 minutes – tenant should have an apartment

Shortly before 6.30 pm on Thursday at the Wilenstrasse in Uzwil SG, fire broke out in an apartment in an apartment complex. When the emergency services arrived, the apartment on the third floor was on fire. The local fire brigade has brought the fire under control. Material damage was suffered from several hundred thousand francs. No one was injured. About 50 firefighters and various rescue teams and patrols from the police were present.

The 29-year-old tenant of the apartment is suspected of causing the fire, as the cantonal police St. Gallen announced on Friday morning. He was arrested for that. The facts are being investigated.

The prosecutor of the Canton of St. Gallen opened an investigation and carried out the investigation in collaboration with the cantonal police St. Gallen and the forensic department of the competence center, which investigates the exact fire. For reasons of determination, no further details are given at this time.

Apartment has already ended

The tenant of the apartment on the Wilenstrasse lived there with his wife and three children. However, the apartment was finished at the end of the month, Tuesday was the reins. For about half a year the family lived in an apartment building, such as a neighbor up to 20 minutes. Why the apartment was set on fire, she can not explain. She is still in shock.

The residents of the lower floors could return to their apartments, those of the penthouses could not return to their apartments.


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