20 minutes – The young parties do this against the fears of AHV

According to the CS Youth Barometer, the pension provision is currently the main concern of 16 to 25-year-olds in Switzerland. 53 percent are worried about their pension. This has resulted in the representative survey of 1021 men and women. In the other study countries, the US, Brazil and Singapore, the fear of retirement did not reach the top ten.


Are you worried about your AHV?

According to Manuel Rybach, head of Public Affairs and Policy at Credit Suisse, the declining retirement pension reform in 2020 and the related debate have made young people aware of the problem. Rybach suspects that the young people of the politicians expect timely solutions. But which recipes do the young parties have from left to right? The presidents say they want to ensure that there will still be a pension in a few decades.

«Interest of boys in Bern too little observed»

The president of the Young-minded, Andri Silberschmidt, has noticed how strong the subject is moving on numerous school stages. "It needs a structural reform, but the politicians in Bern refuse to find sustainable solutions." The boys are the ones who would have to pay the longest in the AHV and eventually receive the least money. The JFDP therefore calls for generation-friendly facilities to ensure that everyone who enters the system also receives back sums according to AHV, according to Silberschmidt.

In concrete terms, incentives must be created so that those who want and are able to work will be able to work a few years older than 65 years. In addition, a debt brake is required, which occurs as soon as the AHV has too little money. «The voice and interests of the boys are underestimated in Bern. Most MPs are over 50 years old, "says the Young-minded Speaker and demands:" We need to speak more words ".

Juso calls it People & # 39; s Pension

Juso president Tamara Funiciello sees things differently. According to her, the conflict is not between young and old, but between soil and top. The richest would have an interest in allowing the AHV to dry up, because you can no longer enjoy the pension of a certain income. "The 300 richest Swiss have about 674 billion francs and are constantly richer, and the boys also notice that."

The Juso demand the abolition of the pension fund and a so-called people's pension, which only consists of the AHV. "The AHV is much more honest and does not discriminate against women or people on low incomes," says Funiciello. The People & # 39; s Pension should ensure that all people receive around 5,000 francs per month. An increase in the retirement age rejected Juso's decision.

Flexibility of the required retirement age

JSVP President Benjamin Fischer says: "We are currently paying boys for the elderly, and the old-age provision as it is now is a promise to the youth that can never be fulfilled." Nonetheless, he was optimistic that young and old are retiring. So he recently met more and more senior politicians who would understand the young people's concerns.

"We need an AHV system that works on its own, and today new non-systemic sources of money are being called in, which is anything but sustainable," says Fischer. The JSVP therefore argues for a more flexible pension age, with pensions being lower or higher depending on the retirement age. In addition, the JSVP is in favor of lowering the conversion rate. The conversion rate is used to calculate the annual amount of annuity paid, depending on the remaining life expectancy.

«The boys must fight»

A more flexible retirement age would also appreciate the co-chairman of JGLP, Pascal Vuichard: "For example, it could be introduced that he will have to work every year starting next year, work one month longer." The sector must also be taken into account. Someone who has worked his whole life in construction, will not be as fit at age 65 as someone with a KV job.

Like Silberschmidt, Vuichard sees the conflict between young and old. He therefore appeals to the young people: "We have to conduct politics and struggle so that the older men in the Council of States realize that they have to take the interests of the young people seriously and above all have to change something."

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