200-note now available at ticket offices

Although it is towards the end of the month, but who still has enough money on the bill, today it can hold a copy of the new Swiss 200 banknotes for the first time. First, it is available from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) at the Zurich counter. Then it is delivered to the financial institutions and filled in by the cash dispenser.

The 200-note is the fourth note in the new series of banknotes. What remains is the brown color of the old nut. The new note shows matter as the most important element, in which the scientific side of Switzerland is tackled. The basic element of hand and sphere of the previous new banknotes was also implemented on the 200th note.

With the publication of the "Thousand" in March and the new 100-note in the autumn of 2019, the publication of the new series of banknotes will be completed. As with all comments in the new series, there are a total of 15 security functions on the new 200 note. (Cat)

Posted on 22.08.2018 | Updated 10 minutes ago

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