70 years of Zurich Airport: time flies by here

If the Bernese farmers were not so stubborn. Then the capital would have been spared for the current drama about the mini-airport Belp and the bankrupt Skywork. Because if the farmers were not so fierce in the 1940s against the construction of a central airport at Utzenstorf BE, Kloten HH would never have come true. The Emmental would hardly be so idyllic. And Zurich never grew into a Swiss metropolis.

Had, If and But – the Swiss Gate to the World has been in Agglo in Zurich for 70 years. It celebrates the jubilee this weekend with a public party. And looks back on his eventful history.

This weekend the big party is increasing

70 years Zurich Airport

Some still remember the celebration of the 50th anniversary in 1998: hosts on the runway, great atmosphere for young and old – and as a highlight a Concorde. The French supersonic plane will not be in Kloten next weekend when the airport celebrates its 70th anniversary. For an An-2, a DeHavilland Vampire and a Hawker Hunter from the Aviation Museum Altenrhein are announced.

The Patrouille Suisse organizes a show on Saturday from 2 to 2 p.m. and on Sunday at the same time as the PC-7 team of the Swiss Air Force. In addition, many airport partners show what they do year after year, to provide the public with a safe and enjoyable travel experience. There are also concerts by Marc Sway and the airport orchestra. More details can be found here.

BLICK is on location for you on Saturday from & # 39; in the morning to & # 39; in the evening and reports live.

Barackendörfli instead of terminal

In the beginning there was a huge effort. When Europe recovered the rubble of the Second World War, the Swiss elite did not want to lose contact. Only in this way was it possible that an intercontinental airport was built in 1948 in record time of two years.


But in the beginning this city had little in common with the city next to the city it is today: on some days more than 110,000 people fly over Kloten, at that time it was about 400. For example, luggage and airplanes were handled in Barackendörfli instead of in a modern terminal. However, the airport got it shortly thereafter, they called it the airport at that time.

Three further stages of expansion would follow, at least until the eighties the golden age of Swiss aviation continued. The Swissair, blessed with a lot of political support, flew profitably the Swiss cross around the world, which also benefited the airport for a long time. But he was also a mourning when the Swissair crashed. Literally like 1998 in Halifax, Canada, or literally Grounding 2001.

At the age of 70 years old

The fatal community exists 17 years later with Switzerland, which since 2005 belongs to the German Lufthansa Group. 70 percent of flights in Kloten are currently operated by Swiss or sister companies.

The airport management can do little against this enormous dependence on air traffic at the door. And that is why you try to emancipate yourself elsewhere. By dividing his flying activities with interests in airports in South America over new pillars. And by opening the hotel, the shopping street or office space next to the airport with the megacentrum The Circle at 37,000 square meters in 2020, so as not to be completely dependent on the airline.

In other words, the airport learns that it no longer has to lean on politics or individual companies. He seems to grow up at the age of 70.

Airport of Zurich

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