A look behind the scenes: the main exercise of the Solothurn fire station – Solothurn city – Solothurn

In order to enable the fire service to extinguish, to save chemicals or oil and many other services, it needs a base and the necessary vehicles and equipment. In addition, the clothing that is suitable for the relevant employment.

Boris Anderegg and his corps of 80 members of the fire brigade designed the main exercise this year as an open day in and around the fire service magazine. Kommandant Anderegg: "We work just as well as outside at the base." There, the 16 vehicles, from the command vehicle over tank fire trucks to the powerful, always popular at the public car turntable ladder with 32 meters height, were visited up close and partly also climbed. Even under instruction a small fire could be fought by means of a fire blanket.

The firefighters patiently explained the purpose of many tools and carried out a variety of work based on real training sequences, such as dismantling a car and re-exam, ie without artificial dry exercises. The many public, including mayor Anita Panzer (Feldbrunnen) and mayor Kurt Fluri, were impressed.

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