A month with records and drought – Switzerland: standard

In September 2018 the history books will enter meteorologically. In Wallis this month it was partly as warm as never before. In the northeast of the country the number of hours of sunshine was at a record level. But there was also a negative aspect: the drought.

In Customs, the average temperature in September was 18.7 degrees, SRF Meteo reported Monday. For example, the only two-year-old record was again exceeded by 0.3 degrees. A new record was measured in Goms with 12.4 degrees. At the other measuring stations in Wallis, the September of this year was largely in second place after September 1961.

But September was also too hot nationally. North of the Alps and in Ticino it was about 2.5 degrees warmer than average. Almost in all regions, the month was one of the ten warmest since the start of the measurement.

The highest climbed mercury in Geneva, where 31.4 degrees were measured. In Chur it was 30.3 degrees. At customs, the twenty-five sign was reached within five days. As a rule, according to SRF Meteo, there is only one heat day every five to ten years.

Significantly more hours of sunshine

Not only the temperatures were known in September. In Switzerland there were also considerably more hours of sunshine than normal. Especially in the northeast of Switzerland the sun was up to 60 percent longer than the average. At the top was Nyon VD with 258 hours of sunshine.

Just like in the summer, the warm temperatures caused a pronounced drought. In Ticino and Lake Geneva there were only 10 to 30 percent of the usual rainfall in many places.
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