Accident at Litzirüti GR: Hunter crashes into the Prätschwald

Fatal accident in Litzirüti GR: A young hunter († 22) went hunting with his father on Saturday mornings. They left a cabin just before 5.30 am to take their positions individually on the respective high chairs.

When his son could not be reached later by telephone and he had not returned, the emergency control center of the canton police Graubünden was alarmed at noon. The father went independently to the rocky area Flüe in the Prätschwald, looking for the son.

The dog smelled the path

An alarmed SAC member who happened to walk around the area with his dog on his way to the suspicious scene of the accident, where he met his father. The dog was able to smell the missing person and led the savior to the site. The disengaged team of the SAC Rescue Station Arosa rose to the victim at 2.30 pm. This was on a rock, near a larch.

Unfortunately, only his death could be determined. Due to the bad weather conditions, the lethally injured hunter was finally salvaged by the Rega crew around 5 pm. (JMH)

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