Accident in Davos Dorf: Driver dies – Sozia seriously injured

Saturday, shortly before 3.30 pm, in Davos Dorf GR: On the Flüelastrasse the H28 is a motorcyclist (62) with passenger (65) on the way. At Bedra it happens: the Töff rides on the oncoming track, collides with an approaching motorcycle. The 62-year-old is seriously injured, he dies a little later at the scene of the accident.

The cause of the accident is determined

His 65-year-old socialite slips over the road after the collision, directly against an oncoming car. She is stuck under the car. Passers-by can free them and take care of the seriously wounded until the rescue workers arrive. Then the patient is taken to the hospital in Davos.

All other victims of accidents are more fortunate: they remain unharmed. Why exactly the driver of Töff came on the opposite lane has now been determined. The parquet and cantonal police of Graubünden investigate the accident. (JMH)

Posted on 02.09.2018 | Updated at 4:38 PM

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