Affeltrangen takes the first hurdle in the parish fusion

St. Galler Tagblatt, 21.08.2018, 07:48

During the Extraordinary Meeting of the Protestant Church, those present approved the clarification for a possible merger.

Of the 31 voters, 25 said yes and six said no. For example, the church council of Affeltrangen was instructed to provide necessary explanations for a merger with the Protestant parishes Märwil and Braunau. This clearing mandate includes ecclesiastical life, as well as organizational and financial events.

Church president Rolf Zimmermann stressed that the decision only meant the task of drawing up a merger agreement. "We will discuss issues of transition, draw up a contract and plan, and we will also examine key issues such as real estate and their need for reorganization."

Braunau and Märwil have to follow the example

For a vote on a merger of the three Protestant parishes at a later date, Märwil and Braunau must also approve the application for the clarification; Affeltrangen did this with a large majority after clarifying a few questions. If the clarifications can be made, the evangelical church will also be brought into the fusion boat.

Thanks to the approval of the proposal, the working group cooperation was dissolved. Rolf Zimmermann thanked the members of the working group Hansjörg Gnehm, Gabi Gutersohn, Rolf Zimmermann, Rolf Kaiser and the parish couple Michael and Karin Hollweg for their dedication. They are prepared to continue working on the continuation of the merger plans. Also present on Sunday evening were the church presidents from Braunau and Märwil, Hans Bodenmann and Angelika Schweizer.

67,000 francs in front of the cemetery wall

In another agenda item, the church people had to decide on a loan for the renovation of the cemetery wall. They unanimously approved the share of the parish in the renovation for an amount of 67,000 francs. 75% of the total cost of the renovation takes over the political community of Affeltrangen.

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