After a long hiccup "Gotthard-Raser" is now in prison in Germany

(dpa) / tsm More than four years after his dangerous journey through Switzerland, the so-called "Gotthard-Raser" has been in prison since Tuesday in Germany. He had been picked up by the police in the morning in his home in the district of Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg), said prosecutor Stuttgart. This ends a legal hitch.

Earlier, the authorities had unsuccessfully tried to persuade the man to go to jail voluntarily – he was sentenced to a year in prison and had to be in prison since the beginning of June. The 44-year-old had declared himself the last ill after the Public Prosecution Service and had several requests to report to an expert to investigate, not to comply.

According to the Swiss judiciary in 2014, the man had overtaken the Gotthard tunnel several times at too high a speed. Part with Tempo 200, he provided himself a chase ride with the police – were allowed on this route 120 km / h. Only by a lock of the police could the man be stopped.

A Swiss court sentenced him by default for "endangering life and repeated grossly qualified violations of traffic rules" to a 30-month prison sentence, of which he should have served for 12 months. Already at that time, the Ministry of Justice had sent a "request for execution of the prison sentence" to Baden-Württemberg in Bern.

This initially rejected the court in Stuttgart in March, because the behavior of motorists in Germany had to be regarded as a crime. The Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart reversed this decision in April and ordered the man to serve his sentence in Germany. The judgment is final.

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