After an attack in Geneva, Maudet calls for a national platform against violence against women – News

  • Police officers increasingly committed brutal and senseless attacks on women.
  • Pierre Maudet (FDP), chairman of the conference of cantonal police directors (KKJPD) and the director of the security service of Geneva, calls in the Sunday press for a national platform against violence against women. 19659002] Recently, five young women were beaten for hospitalization for a nightclub in Geneva.
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Pierre Maudet wants to respond after the brutal incident in Geneva.


The number of attacks had not increased, but the attacks became increasingly brutal, often from scratch and for no apparent reason, Maudet said in an interview with the SonntagsBlick. "Apparently we now have a generation of 18- to 30-year-old men, some of whom miss some form of persecution," says the Geneva security agent in the "NZZ am Sonntag."

Alcohol and drugs are often involved, sometimes But the phenomenon also has to do with the background of the perpetrators. Because certain men from patriarchal cultures regarded women as something inferior and did not find it objectionable to punish their wife with a blow.

Platform yes, but no new laws

Therefore, the integration of migrants must be promoted and the prevention be strengthened. But above all, all actors – from police to justice, aid organizations of victims, hospitals, schools and cantons – should work together. According to Maudet, an opportunity for a better exchange would consist of the establishment of a national platform against violence against women.

Stricter laws are not necessary. But it was important that every attack was reported as much as possible. Everything is needed, it would require a reconsideration in society and the police should achieve a special goal and create trust, for example with more police women who could entrust the victims.

Discussion follows violence in Geneva

Trigger for Maudet's claim was a cruel attack on five women in Geneva less than two weeks ago. They were beaten up for a nightclub in the old town by a group of French people on the street. Two of the victims had to be taken to the hospital with serious head injuries.

The incident had caused a great wave of indignation throughout Switzerland. Not only in Geneva, but also in Lausanne, Bern, Basel and Zurich rallies were held by more than 600 people calling for the ending of violence against women.

The women of SP Switzerland called for action in response to the brutal attack. including a prevention campaign "no means no". Women from other parties also wanted to file attacks against violence against women at the cantonal and national level.

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