After an attack on the Zurich police: the rioters are in custody

After the attacks on the troops in the center of Zurich, the green security guard Karin Rykart raises her thoughts – and suddenly pleads for Bodycams. Meanwhile, a young Afghan is in custody.

Fabian Baumgartner, Nils Pfändler, Florian Schoop

The city police of Zurich is increasingly exposed to attacks by the anonymous mass. (Image: Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ)

The city police of Zurich is increasingly exposed to attacks by the anonymous mass. (Image: Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ)

The record is sobering: a single riot-maker caught the police on Saturday night's riots on the promenade along Lake Zurich. The supposed bottle thrower is now in custody. The 18-year-old Afghani is being investigated for violence and threats against civil servants. Other perpetrators could not find the police so far.

What happened? At the end of Saturday evening a stabbing took place on the promenade on Lake Zurich. Two men were easily injured, an 18-year-old badly injured. When the police and medical workers arrived on the spot, they were immediately attacked with bottles and stones by hoodlums, some with FCZ paraphernalia. Hundreds of gazers and followers were in solidarity with the attackers. Only with the help of rubbers, tear gas and a water cannon did the task groups finally succeed in pushing the mob back and continuing to the wounded. "Rescuers could not save," said the new Zurich security chief Karin Rykart (gp) Monday through the media. They should have exposed themselves to the risk of being hurt themselves. «This is absolutely unacceptable and is condemned in the strongest terms».

Rykart has therefore submitted an application to the Zurich city council for the definitive introduction of Bodycams. She already has her opinion changed shortly after his official acceptance. Even in the election campaign, the green politician had been hostile to the body camera. "I understand that the Bodycams have a protective effect," she says. Commander of police, Daniel Blumer, stated that the perpetrators must be able to identify and punish. "If the police officers wore body cams on Saturday, we could have taken beautiful pictures." The Rykarts petition must first be approved by the city council and then by the city council. Blumer was also convinced that more violent offenders could be identified. "We have images of the incidents."

The riots of Saturday night are not unique. The fact that more and more police officers are attacked from scratch can be proved with numbers. According to the crime statistics of the year 2017, violence and threats against civil servants in Switzerland have increased by more than 12 percent compared to the previous year. In total more than 3100 crimes have occurred in this area. A significant increase is also visible in the city of Zurich: 88 incidents and 11 injuries were registered between January and July alone and in 2017 there were 60 attacks and 5 injuries.

Paramedics are also not safe for attacks. In Zurich, the rescue teams are verbally abused, threatened, or victim of physical violence about 300 times a year. Heavy attacks such as on Saturday night, however, are still rare. According to Michael Schumann, Division Head Sanitation of Protection and Rescue Zurich, the violence is primarily directed against the police. But the paramedics could not have helped.

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