After the chase: Vaud agent seriously injured

During the night of Sunday there was a chase behind the thieves in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, which ended in France. A Vaud police officer was seriously injured, as reported by "24 heures".

The reason for this was the theft of a caravan that the thieves had attached to their car. The yacht went through Coppet VD, Geneva, and ended in the border town of Thoiry (F). The national border was crossed several times during the chase.

Finally, in the shopping center of Val Thoiry, the thieves rammed the police car that had followed them. A policewoman was seriously injured. The thieves fled on foot, but were arrested.

Frans does not leave a Swiss ambulance to the police

"When we became aware of the accident, we called the Rega helicopter and the ambulance," said Jean-Philippe Brandt, spokesperson for the cantonal police in Geneva, to "24 heures". French officials did not leave the Swiss rescue workers to the police.

It took thirty minutes for the French ambulance to arrive. A doctor can only take care of the policewoman for an hour. This was then transferred to the University Hospital of Geneva. (Tractor)

Posted on 02.09.2018 | Updated 10 minutes ago

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