After the crash on Piz Segnas: Ju-Air wants to increase its fleet

The plane crash of Ju-Air is one of the worst accidents in Swiss aviation history. The vintage was almost vertical on Piz Segnas GR. None of the 20 prisoners survived. Two weeks after the accident, the Ju-Air left again (Blick reports).

The crash route has not been flown since 4 August. "We generally avoid the scene of the accident to remember the passengers unnecessarily from the crash.The adventure trip to Locarno is not offered this summer," said Ju-Air spokesperson Christian Gartmann on Blick.

Despite the deeply-rooted history of Ju-Air, things are going well with the company. The two machines of the Ju-Air started 120 times with about 2000 passengers since the drama. The question is great. That is why Ju-Air thinks about including a third machine. This is reported by the regional newspaper «Zueriost».

Especially in the weekend, the missing plane is noticeable. Gartmann: "On days that three machines were planned, we had to cancel flights, because we currently only have two machines at our disposal, which mainly affects the weekends."

Machine is in the museum

But buying a plane is not that simple. There is no market for the Ju-52 plane. Only a handful of machines would exist worldwide.

That's why the Ju-Air has an old knowledge in mind: the Ju-52 HB-HOY. She was already part of the fleet, but was taken out of service in 2016. Since then she has been in a museum in Mönchengladbach (D). But I should change that quickly. Clarifications would take place at this time.

If they succeed, there are months of work ahead. Ju-Air spokesman Gartmann says: "It takes a few months before an old-timer plane is ready to fly, it's not that the car stays in the garage for longer and then is ready to drive again." ( Jmh)

Posted on 01.10.2018 | Updated 5 minutes ago

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