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On the A2 motorway, in the Schweizerhalle, an alcoholic driver could be stopped by the police. On Sunday morning the 33-year-old drove from the direction of Rheinfelden, on the A2 motorway towards Basel, the police informed.

According to instructions from a third party, the driver in question was repeatedly noticed by his unsafe driving behavior. In addition, the windshield was damaged and in the area of ​​the front door of the passengers would have caught several corn plants, according to the notice.

In the Schweizerhalle tunnel, the car was finally stopped by the Basel-Landschaft police and the driver can be checked.

Clarifications revealed that the responsible driver had previously strayed from the road in the canton of Aargau and had driven a bit through a cornfield. Then he returned to the street and continued his journey to Basel. According to the police, nobody was injured.

An alcohol test performed on the driver showed a value of 0.95 mg / l. The driver is now portrayed at the Basel-Landschaft parquet. (ens)

created: 19.08.2018, 21:25

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