An uncertain future for MXGP in Frauenfeld

Pure spectacle: Jeremy Seewer jumps in front of the tribune in Frauenfeld


For the third time, the world's best motorcrossers in Frauenfeld show their skills at MXGP Switzerland. A solution needs to be found quickly to ensure that the Motocross World Championships continue in Switzerland in the future.

The organizing committee of the Swiss Motocross Grand Prix has done a great job three times in a row. Twelve OC members are represented by 30 different teams and more than 20 clubs from Eastern Switzerland – a total of 480 volunteers – helping with the largest motorsport event in Switzerland. 4000 cubic meters of earth was transported to the sugar area, within a month built with bulldozers, excavators and handicrafts a track suitable for the world championship with jumps and matching jumps. And all this without the help of military or civil protection.

Because of the persistent drought, 600 cubic meters of water were taken from the nearby Ägelsee to water the route. During a race, the track may not be dry, because swirling dust will seriously influence the driver's view and thus become a major hazard. OK President Willy Läderach is sure that "we will have no substance."

The 77-year-old has made a name for himself in Switzerland as a race organizer and KTM importer in Switzerland. In 2016, after a break of 18 years, he returned the Motocross World Championship to Switzerland. And yet he has an immense effort for this occasion. In contrast to numerous routes abroad, which exist throughout the year, the job in Frauenfeld has to be rebuilt every year. The race for the drivers, the ten stands for a total of 12,000 spectators – after the event everything has to disappear. "This has been agreed with the authorities, the area is partly in the agricultural zone", explains Läderach

Contract with World Cup organizer expires

Frauenfeld is now one of the best organized motocross events in the World Cup calendar. The three-year contract with the MXGP marketer Youthstream is now over. "Of course, we are striving for a new contract," says Läderach, "but here is a solution for the course." In addition to the annoying construction and dismantling of the factory, this year there was a long-term legal chat with residents and nature conservation associations who wanted to prevent the event. But also this time there was an exception to the canton.

Läderach wants the plant to be able to stand. On the one hand, the OR can thus save high costs. On the other hand, this would be an excellent training facility for Swiss motocross athletes. The enterprising race organizer is convinced that a solution will soon be found together with the canton, so that Frauenfeld can welcome the motocross championship for the world championship in the next three years.

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