Avalanche gallery on Oberalpsee is being renovated

The project of the Baudirektion and the Matterhorn Gotthardbahn costs 400,000 francs. In road traffic should be expected with a disability.

To improve the safety of the Oberalpsee avalanche gallery, this is being renovated. According to a statement from the Uri Construction Directorate, the roof of the gallery will be emptied, drained and sealed and the structure of the beam reinforced.

For this reason, the traffic between September 3 and 21 in the gallery will be one number. According to the announcement, short waiting times are to be expected. In addition, five night barriers are needed for construction work. These take place from 10 to 14 September between 22.00 and 05.00 hrs. On the weekend the route is normally reasonable.

Canton Uri and MGB and share the costs

According to the Baudirektion, the costs for the renovation are 400,000 francs, of which the canton of Uri and the Matterhorn Gotthardbahn (MGB) each receive 200,000 francs. According to the management of the building, managing the project with the MGB is because it uses the gallery all year round, while the road is only passable in the summer. (Red)

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